Blue Door Business Development creates bespoke new business campaigns to help marketing and creative agencies win new clients.
Campaigns are tailored to the needs of each agency although tend to focus on setting appointments with prospective new clients.
Services include; appointment setting, proposition development, target identification, research and training.


New business strategies will differ from agency to agency but as a general approach the following areas need to be considered:

Discover what makes you different

Do we really ask our clients why we won their business or are we just happy that we have? It seems a strange question to ask but understanding the answer is crucial to developing a proposition. Once you understand what appealed about your agency and what problems you’ve solved you can start to define your proposition.

Develop your proposition

Your proposition is simply a range of problems you’ve solved and the mixture of experience and services you can offer. Too many agencies struggle to find a single ‘USP’ where none exists. Yet no other agency has the exact mix of expertise and experience that you have.

Match your services to the needs of others to identify your targets

Many business development agencies will only define your target markets by industry sector. This is shortsighted. Industry experience should only be one of several factors used to identify relevant targets. Marketers aren’t interested in hearing about a list of your services but if you have an example of solving a problem that they are facing then they will listen.

Call relevant decision makers

Once you have identified targets likely to share challenges similar to those you’ve solved you need to pick up the phone. The chances are you won’t be the first new business call your prospect has received that day. They may want to get you off the phone as quickly as possible. You need to give them a reason to listen. It can be done. We will tell you how.

Act to win new business

Some prospects will agree to meet on the first phone call. Others will want to see credentials before committing, so case studies of your work are essential. When you meet you’ll need to understand how the objectives of a first meeting differ to those of a follow up meeting. When the time is right you need to ‘close’. Some agencies think closing is when you ask for the business but there are many other times when you should also be closing. We will tell you when and show you how.