Proposition Development

We’ll learn to understand not just your agency, your clients and your prospective clients but your prospective client’s target audiences. This understanding is what opens doors. Of course we can never know your business as well as you do, but we’ll explain how that can actually be a positive aspect of your new business strategy.

Targeting Strategy

We look beyond the obvious, not just more of the same. Targeting prospects in the same industry sector that you currently work in is only part of the answer. Identify targets likely to have marketing challenges similar to those that you have solved for others.

Appointment Setting

We put ourselves in your prospect’s shoes. Chances are they receive lots of these calls but that doesn’t mean that they don’t see the value in knowing about agencies with relevant experience. It’s unlikely that they’ll think their incumbents are perfect in every area. The trick is to work out what those areas are. We’ll tell you how that’s done.


We provide training for inhouse New Business Managers covering topics such as objection handling, getting past gatekeepers, open questioning and closing techniques. We also run training sessions for how to make the most from an initial new business meeting.

Marketing Collateral

We can advise on the most effective format for case studies and credentials as well as integrating PR and Social Media strategies with new business campaigns.

New Business Consultancy

We’ll give you the tools to do the job yourself. If you have the time and the inclination we’ll show you how. We’ll help you understand the processes you’ll need to put in place and how you’ll measure your success, as you’ll need to recognise your achievements in more than just pound signs.